Getting Organized in Final Cut Pro
by Shane Ross

A broadcast editor shares project set-up and media management secrets for real-world success.

Tips for every version of FCP!

So you know how to use Final Cut Pro, but now you have a big project. Where do you start? How do you organize it? Where should your media go? What about your project files, audio files and picture files?

Maybe you're just getting started. Maybe you're a big project veteran who just wants to be more efficient. Either way, this disk is for you.

In this in-depth series of 9 video tutorials spanning over 90 minutes, leader Shane Ross will show you time-saving techniques that the manual left out!


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Shane Ross is a documentary and narrative editor who has edited shows for the History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Nickelodeon…plus a handful of short films and demo reels.

After a year at Apple, during which he had a brief stint as an extra on TIN CUP, his first Hollywood job was serving as an Apprentice Edtior on Oliver Stone's U-TURN. He has since worked on WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK, AMERICAS FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS, JUDGE JUDY, EVEN STEVENS, THAT’S SO RAVEN and countless History Channel and Discovery Channel shows.

The lessons he provides here are the lessons he's learned in the real world of large-scale production. Regardless of the size of your projects, Shane will help you orgranize them in ways that let you work faster and better.


These 9 tutorials, totalling over one and a half hours, include:

• The basics of how FCP organizes captured footage

• How FCP connects to footage it imports

• Setting up your Scratch Disk

• Organizing a documentary or narrative project

• Working with multiple project files

• Organizing projects for multiple users using a SAN

• Using iTunes to track your audio

• Archiving

The disc includes several example project files, and a handful of color correction plugins designed by Shane and used on broadcast shows he's edited.


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